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Manage Classroom will Teacher Control Panel

classroom management system, a state-of-the-art system that includes unique Teacher Control Panel, external student boxes connected with STP LAN cable!

  • Unique teacher control panel provides easy of use
  • New digitalized audio/video transmission via standard STP LAN cable
  • Powerful,robust and eay to operate
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HiClass SW

Classroom Management Software

New HiClass software makes teaching and learning more fun! The most comprehensive tools you need to manage your classroom and Pc labs and it is very easy to use!

  • Full set of teaching functions include Broadcast,Student demo,Group,Exam and more.
  • Fast and easy to use quiz for learning assessment.
  • New web and application limiting features!
  • Work with wireless LAN with superior performance.
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Classroom Management with Smart AV Matix

HiClass X puts teachers squarely at the center of the computer lab with a wide array of functions and features to broadcast, monitor and control student activities and manage all AV devices in the stimulating IT-environment, there’s no question who is in charge!

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