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IK-1500 Unique USB sound box for enhanced sound quality.

A perfect blending of software and hardware, IK1500 provides teacher and students with high quality audio along with many must-have functions for language learning!

  • All new design functions for today’s digital language lab.Functions include pair, grouping, small group, dialog, demo student, class recording and more.
  • Attract students to learn languages and retain students focus.
  • Virtual recorder for wide array of activities that include broadcast digital AV file to students, listening comprehension with sun title, demo students for collaborate learning activities.
  • Complete tool set for examination and contents that teacher can evaluate student learning or develop teaching contents fast and easy.
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IK-720 Digital language lab for language learning

HiClass digital language lab handles all contents include teaching materials, sound recording, text papers and others in digital files. It means you can transfer, edit, and sharing the contents easily!

  • Complete function module for before, during and after the language learning. Only teacher station needs PC, student can just use IK-720 student’s terminal for all the learning function.
  • Perfect solution to replace or upgrade the old recorder type of language lab. Supports different languages include English, Chinese, Korean and more
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IK-600 Easy to use and cost effective language lab solution

Highly interactive and cost effective Digital Language Lab. Just teacher need PC, school can reduce the total cost for building a language lab!

  • LISTEN - sharpen language skills seamlessly by listening to the standard pronunciation.
  • RESPOND - Repeat the lessons and have them moderated and evaluated by the linguistic expert instantly.
  • MONITOR & GUIDE The linguist can monitor each student independently without disturbing other students and guide them online instantly.
  • BROADCAST The teacher can interrupt the class and address them collectively
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