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Live Event Web Broadcasting and recording

“HiCast - Live event web broadcasting” is a perfect solution for any live event web streaming, recording, and scheduling. HiCast integrates video switcher, audio mixer, LCD display, remote camera control, and a streaming engine for encoding and streaming. Users can easily set up the HiCast station and commence web streaming without too much preparation. HiCast fills today's growing needs to integrate all different formats of video, audio, and PC inputs during live event broadcasting over networks. HiCast Station utilizes its leading edge technologies that allows live switching among different video sources and computer screens and deliver the contents over networks without the use of external line converters and without down grading video quality.

When it comes to content delivery, the HiCast Station system proves to be very flexible. Straight from the HiCast Station system, the user can stream live events and broadcast on-demand contents on through the web as well as record everything onto hard disks as VODS. With all these unique features, plus a logical design for ultimate ease of use, the HiCast Station system is a tool that can be effectively used by anyone, anytime, and anywhere – for campus broadcasting, live events, distance learning music clip creation, product promotions, conferences, seminars, and church productions.


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