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Discover the World of Digital Language Lab

HiClass DLL is a robust and easy to use digital language lab solution that provides functions for interactive learning and multimedia content that captures the interest and attention of all students, and stimulates a more efficient learning and teaching process. HiClass DLL increases the proficiency in language learning. Learning research studies have shown that many students perform significantly better with multimedia content and hands-on interactivity. HiClass DLL facilitates rapid language learning through a combination of stimulating multimedia content, interactivity, and a highly flexible anywhere, anytime learning model.


Why Select HiClass DLL

  • Students learn more, fast and efficient by HiClass DLL
  • Prepare, teach and assess language learning in one single system
  • Very simple to use with not too much training and easy to implement
  • Unique USB Sound Box adds sound quality and flexibility in language learning
  • Real time communication and multimedia contents
  • State of the art functions for versatile teaching and learning
  • Examination Wizard makes student assessment easy



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